HackTheBox - Canape Writeup

I really enjoyed this box a lot as it took some creative thinking to get the initial shell and required analyzing and writing some python. Lot’s of new things I hadn’t been exposed to either so it was a great learning experience. [Read More]
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HackTheBox - Valentine Writeup

I thought this was a fun quick box. I remember when Heartbleed was all the craze, but I had never actually exploited it before Valentine. The box maker did a good job setting up extracting sensitive information out out memory via the vulnerability and giving us a nice simulation of... [Read More]
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VulnServer GTER - no egghunter!

If you’ve exploited VulnServer via the GTER parameter then most likely you used an egghunter to get the job done and had to utilize one of the other commands VulnServer offers to stick your shellcode in. This is due to GTER providing a very small buffer space to work with.... [Read More]